Dysfunction Doesn’t Have to Run in Your Family

Dysfunction Doesn’t Have to Run in Your Family

Maybe you feel like you can’t escape this cycle of misfortune. Your budget for a lawyer is dwindling and the future doesn’t look bright. The good news is, Diane V. Griffith won’t let you settle for inadequate legal advice. Regardless of what trials and tribulations you face, you can confidently enter the courtroom with a Nashua, NH attorney. Call 603-589-9902 to arrange your free consultation and discuss financing plans. We’ll accommodate you.

Your new law firm has a family lawyer who cares

If you’re confused by the legal system, then your children are definitely bewildered. Hire an adoption attorney in Nashua, New Hampshire when you decide to grow your family. Diane V. Griffith loves to journey through the adoption process with future parents and siblings. She’ll facilitate each stage and push past domestic or international obstacles.

You can also contact us for:

  • Adoption law: as you wait expectantly for your child, Diane V. Griffith can manage any legal complications that arise. We’ll process paperwork and update you on the progress of your case
  • Divorce law: breaking ties with the past is a complex journey. Serve papers confidently with our local lawyer by your side.
  • Parent law: this area of practice is also considered child custody law. The division of a family can be traumatic for children of all ages. We prevent additional stress by keeping your child safe at home with you.
  • Guardianship law: we strive to act with the best interests of your family in mind. During unique custody circumstances, Diane V. Griffith offers kindness, consistency and counsel.
  • Juvenile crime law: troubled young minds don’t always think wisely. If a loved one is wrestling with the law, contact Diane V. Griffith for criminal defense assistance.
  • Domestic violence law: your mental, physical and emotional health is important. When your value is trashed by someone you trust, find new hope in the legal office of Diane V. Griffith. Be freed from your unhealthy living environment.
  • Special education law: your child shouldn’t have to pay for his or her diversity. We work with parents and school districts to win appropriate education adjustments and fair treatment.
  • Family law: from custody to divorce, we see a variety of family law issues. Ask our firm to help with estate planning, guardianship and more. No family is perfect. Diane V. Griffith understands and works to keep the peace.

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